Does a Dishwasher Need GFCI?

Does a Dishwasher Need GFCI

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), as of the 2020 update, it is now mandatory that dishwashers in residential homes have GFCI protection. This applies whether your dishwasher is …

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Is Brita Pitcher Dishwasher Safe?

Is Brita Pitcher Dishwasher Safe

No, Brita pitchers and dispensers are not dishwasher safe. The high temperatures inside a dishwasher can damage these pitchers, rendering them less effective or unusable. Hand wash your Brita pitcher, …

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Do Dishwashers Come With Power Cords?

Do Dishwashers Come With Power Cords

When you purchase a dishwasher, whether a built-in or countertop model, you may wonder if it comes with the necessary power cord for operation.  Including a power cord largely depends …

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Can You Stop a Dishwasher Mid-cycle?

Can You Stop a Dishwasher Mid-cycle

You might wonder if it’s possible to interrupt your dishwasher without causing harm or inconvenience.  The answer is yes! Most dishwashers allow you to pause or stop them mid-cycle.  Whether …

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Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe?

Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe

When it comes to cleaning kitchen appliances, figuring out if they are dishwasher-safe can be a bit tricky. One such appliance many people wonder about is the Vitamix blender. As …

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